Product Name: 3D Printer Filament – Wood Filament

Material: WOOD-PLA

Diameter: 1.75mm / 3.0mm ( / 2.85mm )

Diameter Tolerance: +/- 0.03mm

Colors available: Natural (or Brown)

Net Weight: 0.8KG /roll (accept custom, 500g …)


Wood filament for 3D printing is a new 3D Printing material that was developed to print wooden-like objects. This filament is a polymer composite material appended with wood powder. The printing our wood filament is similar to PLA filament.

Print Setting:

The printing of wood filament is similar to PLA filament. Extruded at around 190-220℃. The print temperature may slight affect the print performance. Please extrude a little extra wood filament at the beginning of a print to prevent dry extrusion. Also, increasing the retraction setting during slicing will reduce “leakage.”


As the applications of 3D Printing, presentation or art design sometimes need to show the lifelike objects. The wooden-like effect does a great help to illustrate.

Post Processing:

The finished wood print will appear rough and similar to MDF. Usually, it can be post processed similar to PLA printed object to improve the printed objects.

Storage Method:

WOOD Filament will also attract water molecules from the air if it is exposed to the air. It will become brittle and sometimes affect the printing. So please keep it stored in sealed, cool and dry condition.