Product Name: 3D Printer Filament – PVA Filament

Material: PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol)

Diameter: 1.75mm / 3.0mm ( / 2.85mm )

Diameter Tolerance: +/- 0.03mm

Colors available: Natural

Net Weight: 0.5KG /roll


PVA filament is a water-soluble synthetic polymer, it dissolves in water. Many 3D printer users find PVA to be the perfect support filament because of its dissolvable properties. In general, PVA filament is used in conjunction with PLA not ABS. PVA adheres well to PLA and not ABS.

Print Setting:

As a supporting material, PVA filament is extruded the same with the other filament when printing. Its operating temperature is 200-230℃. PVA filament is used in conjunction with PLA filament


PVA Filament is mostly used as supporting material, together with PLA filament as the body part.

Post Processing:

PVA Filament dissolves in water. So the post processing is very simple-to sink it into water for hours.

Storage Method:

As a water soluble filament, PVA filament is very sensitive to water. So it must be kept away from any moisture. It should be vacuumed packed and better with desiccant.