In recent years, one of the most remarkable things is that 3D Printing Industry grows so fast all over the world.

It is really surprising that such a technology- 3D Printing becomes more and more accessible for us ordinary people.

As an enthusiastic participator in 3D Printing field, ZIRO 3D has been consistently working hard to bring our best 3D Printing products to users around the world. We are also looking for long term and stable partners worldwide to work together, to push the development of 3D printing.

ZIRO 3D is seeking partnerships with →

Businesses: Distributors, wholesalers, retailers and online re-sellers, etc

Educational institutions: Schools and Universities

Maker groups, 3D Printing service Provider

3D Printer Companies: We have worked closely with many 3D printer manufacturers, the facts prove that ZIRO3D Filament works perfect on almost all FDM 3D Printers.

Industry products provider: Home , commercial, medical, mechanical…….


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