3D Printing helps you to turn your ideas into reality

ZIRO 3D helps you to be a real maker !

      As a professional manufacturer of FDM (FFF) 3D Printing Materials,

      ZIRO 3D is dedicated to produce the highest quality and rich variety of

Filaments for 3D Printers.

How can 3D Printing make our life easier –

Education / Research

Nowadays a lot of modern technologies are used in schools as well as 3D printing technologies. Many countries’ governments have already included or are planning to support the use of 3d printing in education process.It is a great tool to foster students’ design and manufacturing skills.


Medical applications for 3D printing are expanding rapidly and are expected to revolutionize health care.

Medical Applications of 3D Printing Happening Today:1) Prosthetics 2) Medical Models 3) Medical Devices & Tools 4) Dentistry

Functional Model

Presentation-use a 3D Printed Model to illustrate instead of a real one

Architecture – Real Estate use a 3D Printed Model to show their buildings

Art – 3D Printed Model to show their endless imagination.

DIY Projects

If you are a DIY enthusiasts, 3D Printing should be a New World for you.

You can print your own customized objects to realize your dream of being a real maker. The sky is the limit.


3D Printing itself is a very powerful tool in our daily life. It can also print out many useful tools to make our life better.

Actually, many objects in our daily life are made from plastic material. Why not print them by yourself? It’s funny.


Do you want to find a way out for your unconstrained imagination? 3D printing must be a good channel.

No matter you are a hobbyist or a professional designer, 3D printing technology helps you to be closer to your designs.

Why choose us as your most reliable supplier of 3D Filament?


Quality Control from the source -100% Virgin material, Say no to recycled material, To guarantee the best extruding performance
3D Filament Material


Consistantly doing Rearch and Development - Professional R&D Team to make best formula, develop new materials for users
3D Filament Material


Precisely control the whole extruding process - temperature, speed, forming etc, to guarantee the high quality of filament
3D Printer Filament Extruding


Real time monitering - Advanced laser diameter measuring instrument, low diameter and roundness tolerance
3D Filament Diameter Inspection


Printing Test for every batch - Randomly selected sample from production lines to do the printing test regularly
3D Filament Printing Test


Every spool is properly vacuum sealed in a bag within desiccant to avoid moisture, then in carton box. Stored in cool and dry place
3D Filament Package


Sea shipping; International Express-FedEx / DHL / UPS TNT; Air transportation, we choose the most safe, economical and fast shipping method
International Shipping


Your any enquiry will be responded quickly and friendly. Accessible communication and Follow up. Long term partnership is what we are looking for
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